Servecalls continue to grow

Servecalls, founded in November 2010 are continuing to grow in what continues to be a very tough and competitive market. CEO Matthew Kemp says “To be so young and to have clients coming to us is testament to how seriously we take our job and how well we execute. Everyone is looking for that USP but the truth is, most need to get the basic’s right and the rest will follow.

My Management Team and I take a very simple approach to what we do. Do your job and do it well. Mistakes may happen, but never twice. If it’s simple for us it will be simple for the customer. If it’s reliable for us, it will be reliable for the customer.

And above all else, talk to the customer, have great conversations but never, ever talk at them!
2013 is an important year in the growth of Servecalls and our clients. We have the capacity, experience and desire to help others succeed and so we look forward to doing just that in the year ahead.”

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